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The #1 Vaccine Passport Solution

Gain access to 100+ businesses nationwide, keep others safe by displaying your status, and help #StopTheSpread as we come back to normalcy!

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1. Verify your vaccination and order your VaxPass.

Verify your vaccination card to ensure eligibility. All information stays secured on our servers and sensitive information can be blocked out. We verify instantly, and ship out in two business days.

2. Put on your VaxPass to spread awareness, keep others safe, and access restaurants + more.

Your VaxPass will make others around you aware that you are vaccinated from one of the four providers. Our scanner allows business and events to check instantly on your vaccination status with complete confidence.

3. Spread the word to others to help keep others safe and #StopTheSpread.

Share the word with others to help #StopTheSpread and increase Covid and Vaccine awareness. VaxPass and other products help create an aware public and help us come back to normalcy.


  • PHYSICAL BRACELET  Vaxpass is instantly identifiable, and not reliant on any phone or app.  It slips on easily, fits most all adults, and increases awareness for vaccine passports and the vaccination process.

  • UNIQUE, SCANNABLE CODE Each Vaxpass features a unique, scannable code that can be used and scanned with any smartphone or scanning device. This code displays your vaccination status while keeping your data safe and secure.

  • WIDELY RECOGNIZED  We have integration with many restaurants and businesses across the USA and our integrations are exponentially expanding.  

The vaxpass

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Vaxpass is the #1 Vaccine Passport Solution in the USA, being used and recognized by 100+ businesses and restaurants, a number that is constantly growing....


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